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Welcome to Ms. Berry's CLUE Room!


Creative Learning in a Unique Environment
Our Classes


CLUE students are pulled from their classrooms five hours weekly for gifted instruction.  We meet two sessions per week (one morning and one afternoon) for approximately 2.5 hours per session.


Current Unit of Study
2nd Grade CLUE

Students will examine the history of China, their dynasties, the culture, their inventions that impact our lives today, the economic factors of China, and the geography of China. Students will discuss and examine how living in ancient China is similar and different than how we live now in the USA. CLUE strategies including 

research, group discussion, group dynamics, creative thinking, creative writing, brainteasers, brainstorming, introspection, and creative problem solving will be used throughout the unit to develop critical and creative thinking and support an environment that promotes text-based discourse. The focus of instruction is on the development of skills and techniques that teach the processes of higher leveled thinking. 

Our field trip to the Belz Museum and Emperor's Lunch is March 4.  All money and permission slips are due February 10.

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