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Welcome to Ms. Berry's CLUE Room!


Creative Learning in a Unique Environment
Our Classes


CLUE students are pulled from their classrooms five hours weekly for gifted instruction.  We meet two sessions per week (one morning and one afternoon) for approximately 2.5 hours per session.


Current Unit of Study
2nd Grade CLUE

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who has ever visited a beach like the word “shark!” Yet these Denizens of the Deep are some of the most misunderstood and underappreciated animals in the world. Without these graceful predators, the natural balance of the ocean’s food chain would be disrupted; but sadly, these hunters are in danger. During this study, Second Grade CLUE students will explore the fascinating world of sharks and use the various CLUE strategies to develop higher order thinking skills while learning about the important role sharks play in the Earth’s ecosystem. They will brainstorm, conduct research, develop leadership and group dynamic skills, and solve brainteasers while distinguishing between myths and facts about these fascinating and awe-inspiring creatures.

   In-House Field Trip

 On Wednesday, Nov. 20. we will be participating in a Turkey STEM Challenge. This will be presented by Challenge Island and will take place in our portable.  The cost is $5 per child. More info will be going home soon.

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